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Advanced Video Advertising Platform

Advision is an advanced video advertising platform offering unique ad formats that synchronize advertisements with video content. This end-to-end advertising solution combines a state-of-the-art video ad server, easy to use campaign management and fully automated performance optimization, driving millions of impressions every day across the globe.

Unique Content-Sync Technology Driving Innovative and Engaging Formats

Advision utilizes the advanced Content-Sync video advertising technology that uniquely leverages automated and scalable content analysis and understanding of video to introduce fresh and innovative video ad formats that blend ads with video content, while maintaining a great viewing experience:

TargetRoll™ - standard IAB display ad units that seamlessly blend into video without obscuring content.

CelebrityRoll™ - synchronized banner ads at the moment specific celebrity faces appear in the video.

SceneRoll™ - optimized mid-roll ads placed between automatically identified scene changes.

LogoRoll™ - Synchronizes ads when a brand logo appears in the video.

SmartOverlay™ - Show standard Overlay ads without obscuring content.

Easy to Engage

Advision is easy to engage, with simple flat-rate ad serving pricing model, and an easy to use streamlined operational interface. Advision provides a single platform for launching, managing, tracking and optimizing multiple campaigns.

Value for the Whole Eco-System

Advision connects advertisers and agencies, ad-networks and publishers, automatically optimizing exposure, performance and revenue.

For Advertisers, Agencies and Ad-networks

  • Global reach and access to a massive media inventory
  • High engagement and CTR
  • Innovative and fresh formats, maintaining a positive viewing experience, as well as unique premium formats for brand advertisers
  • Automatic campaign optimization for performance and exposure
  • Easy to use campaign management, support for standard formats (overlay, pre-rolls, etc), supports VAST®
  • Performance measurement, reporting and analytics
  • Advanced targeting

For Publishers

  • Maximize monetization of video assets
  • Automated optimized fill
  • Maintained viewing experience, keep users engaged and on site
  • Simple to operate, control and manage multiple sites
  • Complete control over ad placements, volume and frequency
  • Safe ads
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Advanced Optimization

Innovative formats

Automated fill